Warrior Alpha QX Stick Junior 40 Flex

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Warrior Alpha QX Stick Junior 40 Flex
Warrior Alpha QX Stick Junior 40 Flex (2) Warrior Alpha QX Stick Junior 40 Flex (3) Warrior Alpha QX Stick Junior 40 Flex (4)
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The Warrior Alpha QX Stick 40 Flex is the next generation of sticks from Warrior that combines a deadly quick shot release with pinpoint accuracy thanks to the brand new Sabre Taper. While it is shaped similarly to the Covert's Dagger Taper, the Sabre taper provides better stability for the blade while also giving it a bit more shot power too.

The new True 1 Phantom Feel construction process enabled the QX stick to feel lighter than the QRL while weighing the same (410 grams). This happens because the updated process allowed Warrior to raise the balance point, making it even more playable. The Minimus 1000 carbon fiber is aerospace grade material that is exclusively found in this top of the line QX. Especially compared to the previous generations of Warrior sticks, Minimus 1000 is significantly lighter, stronger and more responsive.
True1 Phantom Feel Construction
Exclusive Warrior process that results in better control, balance, responsiveness, and consistency
Minimus Carbon 1000
Premium flat-weave carbon fiber that is as strong, light and responsive as they come
Flex Profile:
Low Kick Point - Not as low as the QRL Line, the Alpha Line provides a more powerful release that doesn't sacrifice a speedy loading process. Ideal for playing looking for a balance between power and quick release.
Sabre Taper
Unique shaft shape works with the low-kick point to provide torsional stability in the lower third of the shaft, ensuring maximum accuracy
Concave sidewalls with rounded corners
"Ergo" grip shape designed to improve stick handling and shooting
ProTex Performance Grip
Raised corner texture with a tacky grip finish for optimum control and feel
HardCore X Foam Core
Improves internal strength while keeping the blade light for optimum puck feel
Maximizes pop life and accuracy
TwinSpar Blade Structure
Internal carbon structures connect the front and back blade faces for more durability and responsiveness
Pro-spec 12 Carbon Fiber Weave Wrap
One of the most popular carbon fiber weaves at the professional level due to its traditional feel and robust durability
Flex: 30, 40 & 50
Stick Sizing Guidelines:
Warrior Measurement = Universal Measurement
51" = 51"

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